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Birchwood Tennis & Fitness Club offers free babysitting services to all
Club members while they play tennis or work out.
The service is offered in the Junior Lounge, located downstairs in the tennis center.

 We thank you for following these simple guidelines.
Babysitting services are available to Club members from 8:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m., Monday through Friday, reservations required, no drop-ins.
Children must be potty trained.
Parents must physically bring the child to the Junior Lounge and complete a formal sign-in, indicating the child's name and time he/she is being dropped off. When you first utilize this service, please notify Birchwood of any special circumstances, conditions or other issues that should be known (i.e., if your child is asthmatic, has allergies). Please remember to update this information should your child's conditions change.
Babysitting services are available to members for up to 2 hours per day, while the member is using the Club's tennis and/or fitness facilities. Parents are not permitted to leave Club grounds during this time.
Parents must provide for the child any snacks, drinks and all other necessities. Anything that should go home with the child (i.e. bottle, blanket, toy), should be marked with his/her first and last names.
Birchwood Tennis & Fitness Club reserves the right to refuse a child in the sitting service for health reasons or inappropriate behavior. In order to maintain the health of our members and their children to the best extent possible, please do not utilize the babysitting service while your child is experiencing the flu or any contagious cough or cold. The babysitting staff can not administer any type of medication to children.
Please call ahead (to 570.586.4030) to notify us of the time you plan to drop off your child.
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