birchwood fitness center
Birchwood Tennis & Fitness Club offers a unique combination of educational, recreational and competitive tennis; fitness; and therapeutic services. Our members enjoy the following benefits:
benefits of membershipDiscounted pricing on tennis and fitness clinics
benefits of membershipSenior, student and family rates
benefits of membershipFree fitness evaluation, towels, steam room access
benefits of membershipAnnual memberships receive two 3-day guest passes, valid for one year from date of membership
benefits of membership6-month members receive a 3-day guest pass, valid for six months from date of membership

Please note that non-members may only participate in educational tennis programs,
such as clinics and private lessons.

Another of the benefits, (and definitely not to be minimized), aside from all of the fantastic services, professionals, equipment and facilities here at Birchwood; is the networking. Social, business...there is nothing better than to spend an hour or two working out, playing tennis and then relax and chat with fellow athletes.