2018-2019 Program Guide/Schedule (click to enlarge):

Junior Clinic Programs

Through Birchwood Tennis & Fitness Club’s Junior Development Program, we offer a wide range of group clinics and leagues throughout the year to develop our younger members’ tennis games. Our clinics teach basic tennis skills to beginners and different styles of play and strategy to the more advanced tournament player. Our junior leagues provide up-and-coming players with opportunities to gain match experience and compete against peers in a fun, challenging, and organized way. See our seasonal clinic brochure for session dates and times.

In order to place juniors with others in their age groups and levels, Birchwood categorizes clinic participants into the following groups:

Future Stars

In this clinic, beginning players receive technical instruction. Players learn stroke fundamentals, how to rally, and practice these skills in games and drills.

Rate: $119 members/$140 non-members per seven-week session


For ages 7-9. Players practice strokes, receive a more in-depth interpretation of rules, and enjoy games. Players expand their knowledge and skills of both strokes and strategy

Rate: $179 members/$210 non-members per seven-week session


In this clinic, intermediate youth players receive technical instruction focused on advanced stroke development & strategy. There is an increased focus on strategy in more intense matchplay experiences.

Rate: $179 members/$210 non-members per seven-week session

Davis Cup

Davis Cup focuses on continued stroke development with an increased emphasis on tactical development and competition. Students continue to learn about matchplay and tournaments while refining their strokes and strategies.

Rate: $179 members/$210 non-members per seven-week session

High School Challengers

A fun, competitive, and instructional tennis program for high school players. Challengers features drill-based and game-driven instruction that prepares students to match play.

Paid per diem.
Rate: $30 per diem for members/$35 non-members

Masters & Excellence

This program is for advanced high-school players who are preparing for their competitive seasons. Masters & Excellence includes a combination of drills, games, and matches. By invitation only.

Paid per diem.
Rate: $36 per diem for members/$40 non-members